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Command authority and become a winning communicator

Key outcomes

  • 5 ways to communicate with authority
  • Advanced negotiation strategies to ensure a win-win outcome
  • Powerful persuasion strategies to convert prospects into clients
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Understanding the drivers of wealth

Key outcomes

  • Foundational elements to understand wealth building
  • 4 step process to plan for your wealth
  • Traits of self-made millionaires
  • What do you need to become a millionaire
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Design an achievers mindset and attract more success

Key outcomes

  • 7 unconscious fears that kill people's potential
  • The complete construct of a success mindset
  • The hard truth about success
  • How to become stress resistant
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Becoming a Highly Influential Person

Key outcomes

  • Why building your influence is important
  • 5 step influence matrix and what steps to target for great success
  • 4 quadrants of building influence
  • 7 areas where thought leaders are essential
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Leverage your personal brand to level up your career and your business

Key outcomes

  • Importance of understanding and building your personal brand
  • How World Class Personal Brands Have Built Their Impact And Authority
  • 4 most important elements to become clear on your personal brand
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5 Courses @ 4,995

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Your 80% discount is only for a limited time, so prices will increase once the timer hits zero
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Transform your thinking so you can engage in the type of thinking and actions that are conducive to achieving your desired results

Find your purpose in life and discover your ‘WHY’ so that you can live a fulfilled life

Give up on false beliefs that leave you stuck in lack, limitation and scarcity



Access to platinum standard 200 Pages Workbook

Tools and mental models to convert your thinking into execution

Systematically set your goals, prioritise them and create an action plan to achieve your goals

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Body Language to Become a Powerful Communicator

Importance of body language to become a powerful communicator

7 powerful action tips for you to present as a powerful communicator

7 things to avoid as a powerful communicator


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Ron Malhotra's program has been a truly transformational experience for me. Program has been wonderfully crafted by Ron Malhotra.

Sushant Gaonkar

Iconic Career Mentor

I can transform myself into an Awesome Communicator. I can talk to my A-class customers, to my dealers, family members and to my team members with confidence. I can covey what I want to convey. All this is possible because of my Coach, my mentor, Ron Malhotra.

Sanjay Jindal

Managing Director at SECOM CCTV, A pioneer in India for the last 2 decades

Ron Malhotra has completely transformed my life. If you are somebody who wants to evolve and also magnify your influence, wealth and growth, then this is the real program you need to get into.

Raakesh Rana

Founder and CEO at Raahi International, Growthpreneur Mentor

At times, I feel Ron knows his mentees more than mentees know themselves. He has put the gist of all the principles and strategies that are time tested.

Namrita Chandi

Wing Commander, Retd. Indian Airforce Helicopter Pilot

Meet Your Mentor


I am Ron Malhotra, your mentor on your journey to be more, do more and have more. I have a passion for education that empowers people to achieve and teaches them the tools to design the lifestyle they truly want.

My life purpose is to elevate human talent and consciousness through education. Not academic or professional education, but success, business and money education, which most people are lacking.

Get instant access to the ultimate program at 80% discount for limited time…
Your learning starts immediately… after joining the 5 powerful courses bundle…

Your 80% discount is only for a limited time, so prices will increase once the timer hits zero

Frequently Asked Questions
( FAQ )

I have thought about every possible question that you may have in relation to 5 powerful courses bundle and have answered them so that you are completely satisfied before you make your decision. However, if you have any questions, please email us at support@ronmalhotra.com and you will get a response within 24-72 hours.

That’s a great question. Ron designed this 5 powerful courses bundle to show you a pathway to become truly successful in life. You would observe that all the 5 courses are different, but include important components to achieve your desired life and lifestyle. Here is another reward for you if you opt for 5 powerful courses bundle… You get a massive additional bonus worth Rs. 2,497 in addition to 80% off for a limited period, as Ron always rewards action takers.

Are you still thinking about whether you should invest in the 5 powerful courses bundle or not? Well, you need to ask yourself a question here. Do I want to learn only 1 component of success or all the components that result into holistic success?

A. You get access immediately, after your payment is successfully completed, and you can start your learning immediately.

A. We are diligent about your time and busy schedule. Hence, the 5 powerful courses bundle are pre-recorded for you to access anywhere and anytime, without compromising your other important work.

A. If you want to magnify your probability to become successful by learning these 5 key components, then this course is for YOU. The 5 powerful courses bundle includes communication, mindset, wealth, influence and personal brand related insights. It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a coach, consultant, advisor, student or a working professional, this is for YOU if you are committed to your life success.

A. YES, Ron always looks for those with ambition and a burning desire who will truly learn and implement his learnings to get the desired results. So, if you are ambitious and have a burning desire to do something different in life, this courses bundle is for YOU.

A. We would encourage you to remove any distractions before you start learning from the 5 powerful courses bundle. We also advise you to keep a pen and diary handy so that you can take notes while listening to Ron, so that you are learning in the most effective way.

A. We understand issues occur sometimes because of technology. You can email us at support@ronmalhotra.com and we will revert to you within 24-72 hours from receipt of your email.

A. Please note that our course prices are reviewed regularly, and are subject to price increases at anytime.

A. No. This 5 powerful courses bundle is for serious action takers only. It’s not for indecisive people who have a problem with procrastination and don’t take 100% responsibility. If you are not decisive and you won’t follow through by committing and taking action, it’s best you don’t buy this 5 powerful courses bundle.